Commercial and business law

We address our legal service to entities currently pursuing business activities as well as to those intending to start one. The main aim of the cooperation is to ensure comprehensive legal services enabling the client to focus on the business aspects of their activity.

We offer legal service on the process of establishing a company including:

  • legal advice when choosing the legal form of intended business activity;
  • preparing foundation acts and agreements of commercial law companies, statutes of commerce chambers and rules and regulations of foundations and associations that pursue business activity;
  • legal aid when starting business activity (obtaining permits , licenses, concessions, etc.);
  • representation in the proceedings for entry into the National Court Register.

We also render legal services to entities operating currently on the market including:

  • internal affairs of the client:
    • preparing internal documentation (management and supervisory boards rules of functioning, work regulations , books of shares , equity books , episodes of collective action);
    • legal assistance in company meetings ( meetings of partners, annual general meetings, management and supervisory board meetings including means of remote communication and electronic form of communication);
    • representation in registry proceedings in National Court Register (entry changes, submitting financial statements);
    • representation in disputes between partners or between partners and the company;
    • legal assistance in changing the company or the transformation of the legal form of the company;
  • when making business decisions relating to client’s counterparties:
    • verification of agreements and offers before conclusion;
    • legal assistance in financial transactions (taking credits and loans, putting up collateral, purchase of debt securities, issuing a promissory note, assignment of claims, spreading debts in instalments)
    • debt collection;
  • representing the client in common courts, before administration bodies and court enforcement officers:
    • court representation in the proceedings for payment, employment cases, disputes arising from improper performance of the agreements;
    • legal aid in public procurement procedure;
    • representation in liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings.