About the law firm

The law firm was established by Łukasz Jakubowski in 2013 and operates currently as a one-man law firm having its registered office in Cracow and branch office in Myślenice.

We specialise in certain branches of the law always taking into consideration the benefit of our clients and ensuring the highest quality of our service. We cooperate with renowned law firms in Cracow in order to provide comprehensive legal aid to business entities as well as to individuals in their private and property cases.

We diligently gain, develop and update our expertise in all the branches of the law as required in the legal profession i.a. in accordance with the guidelines of the Supreme Bar Council on self-improvement of professional lawyers.

At the same time we focus our activities on specialised areas of the law and services in order to provide the highest standard of the legal advice.

Range of services:

We provide service to individuals and legal entities that include in particular:

  1. legal advice and legal opinions;
  2. preparing or advising on trading agreement drafts and providing legal advice in negotiating and concluding agreements;
  3. representing clients in common and administrative courts, public prosecutor’s office, police office and public administration bodies, including the role of the representative in civil proceedings and the defender in criminal and penal-fiscal trials or in infraction proceedings and the role of representative of the injured parties;
  4. legal advice in establishing a business entity (companies, general partnerships, commercial companies), foundations and associations as well as in preparing internal documentation of the legal entities or running meetings (meetings of partners , annual general meetings, supervisory board meetings , meetings of tenant management organisations );
  5. representing clients in settlement conferences including conciliation and mediation (criminal, civil, family) in order to reach an agreement in property and non-property actions as well as in settlement and arbitration proceedings related to disputes resulting from the differences in agreement interpretation or from non-performance of the agreement.
  6. legal advice in debt collection, during enforcement proceedings as well as before entering or during the dispute over payment in order to protect the creditor and to secure possibility of satisfying the claim from debtor’s assets.

We offer our service in individual cases and in a form of permanent legal support. We provide legal assistance in the headquarters of the law firm and at our client’s office, in Poland and abroad. Legal advice is provided with the previously agreed remuneration. Our law firm also renders legal service to Individuals who cannot afford the costs of legal support.

Łukasz Jakubowski – Advocate

He is a member of District Chamber of Advocates in Cracow where he was entered into the register of advocate apprentice, passed his Bar Exam and was admitted as an advocate.

He graduated from Law and Administration Faculty of the Jagiellonian University. He wrote his Master’s thesis on company law and stock-market law titled “Purchase of own shares as a means of defense against hostile takeover of control over joint stock company” which was graded very good. Also a graduate of the School of American Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University in collaboration with The Catholic University of Washington, Columbus School of Law.

During his studies he was a member of Tax Law Section TBSP UJ and the winner of workshops and tax law academy organized by Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Having completed his legal studies he pursued traineeship and worked in renowned Cracow law offices i.a. in Budzowska, Fiutowski and Partners Legal counsels’ law firm, SEVEXIM Krzysztof Seweryn law firm, Roman Gładyszowski   law firm and PhD Janusz Gładyszowski law firm. He was under the auspices of PhD Janusz Gładyszewski during his advocate apprenticeship in Cracow. He also took part in the training on mediation and trade agreement negotiation methods including “Negotiation Workshop” organized by Law Office GESSEL in Warsaw in cooperation with the School of American Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of Jagiellonian University.

He completed postgraduate studies in the field of company law in Warsaw School of Economics of finance and accounting at University of Economics in Cracow. He speaks English fluently including legal English.