Criminal law

The most distinctive legal services provided by an advocate include defence of clients accused of committing an offence or infraction or representing interests of the victims.

Criminal law range of service:

  • preparing documents and issuing opinions used to notify law enforcement agencies about the possibility of committing an offence;
  • representing clients suspected of committing an offence or infraction as well as victims in preparatory proceedings conducted by Police, Prosecutor’s Office or other law enforcement agencies;
  • acting as a defender of the accused or as a representative in criminal, economic criminal or penal fiscal trial or in infraction and juvenile proceedings;
  • representation in mediation proceedings in criminal actions;
  • legal advice at the stage of criminal enforcement proceedings (interruption in serving a sentence, penalties , postponement of sentence execution, serving a sentence under electronic surveillance , conditional earlier release).

Significant part of our service focuses on road transport offence (accidents, driving while intoxicated or under intoxicant), offence against property (theft, robbery, appropriation, devastation of property, fraud) and business crimes taking into account specialised areas of criminal business law related to:

  • performing duties in the legal entity bodies;
  • software and licenses counterfeiting, copyright theft;
  • frauds in financial transactions and trade agreements including real estate.