Real estate law

Bearing in mind that not always the transfer of money means obtaining the title to property and the fact that payment of the agreed price does not protect against the loss of acquired rights, our law firm provides comprehensive support and legal assistance relating to real estate (sale, exchange, division, ownership annulations, separation of premises, rental, lease, setting limited property rights, acceptance or rejection of inheritance, making a will).

  • We also represent our clients in common courts in cases related to ownership right including:
  • abolition of property ownership (property division, inheritance division, distribution of matrimonial assets);
  • release of the property;
  • property prescription;
  • establishment of a right of way;
  • infringement of tenure rights,
  • annulment of a notarial deed ( contract of sale, donation, etc.);
  • confirmation of inheritance by acquisition;
  • acceptance or rejection of inheritance;
  • legitim (a compulsory portion of inheritance);
  • applications in land and mortgage register proceedings (establishing land and mortgage register, entry of ownership, registration or deletion of mortgage or of other limited property right).

Legal services relating to real property transactions are provided from the moment of making a decision by the client till conclusion, settlement of the transaction and obtaining certain entries in land and mortgage registers. In this field we offer:

  • examining of the real estate legal status to verify the safety of the transaction;
  • preparing or obtaining necessary documentation (preliminary agreements, agreements, requests to authorities for copies of documents, certificates, maps etc.);
  • developing or issuing opinions on agreement drafts;
  • legal assistance in concluding agreements and their settlement.