IT law

(internet law, computer law, new technology law)

In this area of law we focus on legal aspects of services provided in an electronic form related to creating and providing new technological solutions as well as delivery and updating of software with particular emphasis on internet law, copyright law, intellectual property law and law against unfair competition.

Range of service in this field include:

  • editing, advising on and negotiating IT agreements:
    • agreements on IT services provided to a company;
    • service agreements and SLAs;
    • contracts for implementation of the dedicated software;
    • agreements on establishing and administering external databases;
    • software license software;
    • warranty and general terms and conditions for IT services;
  • legal assistance including giving advice and opinions on:
    • personal data protection and databases protection;
    • rights to website or its content;
    • confidentiality of technological cooperation;
    • delivery of technology, know how for the production process or for the services provided by the client.

In this area of law we also offer representation in court proceedings including in particular:

  • civil action:
    • software copyright proceedings;
    • proceedings for remuneration or compensation for unauthorized use of the software;
    • proceedings for infringement of personal rights or competition rules as a result of publishing certain content on the internet;
  • criminal trials that include:
    • computer piracy;
    • counterfeiting software licenses;
    • unfair competition on the IT market;
    • slander and abuse on the internet.